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Angela Maves

About Me

My Background


Like most fibre fanatics, my obsession began at a very early age as I forced my chubby child fingers to fashion fabric, yarn, paint, playdough and floss into the art following the pictures in my head. In a way, I am still trying to do that only now, education and experience help to fuel the fire of that vision. Having started out from a traditional quilting perspective has given me the skill and the confidence to “boldly go” where I had not gone before. I still crank out an emergency Log Cabin when I need to, but it is always the feel of the fabric and the call of the “cloth” which still summon me to create. It continues to amaze me how the time honoured skills and techniques can be used to construct ultra modern and sophisticated art pieces. I do not however, limit myself to traditional media when creating. I firmly believe if you can stitch it, glue it, nail it, paint it, or melt it onto fabric, then it is fair game in making art.

My hope is that people are drawn to my art for the same reasons that inspire me to create it. I want to give something back, to create something of beauty that draws people in to the mood and atmosphere of the piece, to make them want to reach out and touch it, to feel the texture under their fingers to know what beauty looks like and feels like. If I can do all that then I am a happy, lucky person indeed.

My Medium


I use many different mediums, such as 

My Inspiration




Files coming soon.

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 2590 Greenwood Road
Pembroke ON Canada
K8A 6W2

Angela Maves

(613) 638-2732

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