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The Traditional Approach  The following classes are offered as skill builder workshops – to begin at the beginning if you will, to learn the rules and the “right” way to quilt right from the start. They are designed with the beginner in mind but also contain a wealth of information, tips, and tricks for the seasoned quilter seeking to brush up on skills or even learn a new way to approach quilting. Each class pays homage to time honored quilting traditions while incorporating new products and time saving methods.  


By Hand…  Perfect Piecing 5 hours $80.00 includes supplies and handout.  In this class students will learn how to select and mark fabrics for piecing patchwork, to prepare templates and to accurately cut fabrics with scissors and rotary cutters. Marking and hand stitching an accurate ¼” seam as well as pressing that seam will be covered all while students create a traditional quilt block in a pattern of their choice. Completed blocks can be finished as a beautiful pillow cover, table runner, placemat…   

Adventures in Appliqué 5 hours $80.00 includes supplies and handout Students will learn to appliqué five easy ways. Everything you ever wanted to know about appliquéing by hand will be covered in depth. Each student will learn the basics like the use of proper equipment, fabric selection, marking, cutting, invisible stitching, and embellishing, all while creating an appliqué sampler book. This reference project will no doubt become and invaluable tool in executing exquisite hand appliqué.  Quiet Quilting 5 hours $80.00 includes supplies and handout More than just a simple running stitch, quilting by hand is a time honored traditional method of securing quilt top to batting to backing – to sandwiching the three layers of textiles that make up a quilt. Students will discover how fabric, needle, thread, and batting impact the quilting process all while experimenting on a “practice” piece for future reference. Whether it is that “perfect stitch” tiny even, the envy of every guild member, or some fun and funky “big stitch” quilting on a quirky wall quilt, hand quilting is a skill worthy of respect.  Embroidery Embellishments 6 hours $80.00 includes supplies and handout Embroidery done by hand gives textiles a look and feel that simply cannot be duplicated by machine. During this class students will learn some basic embroidery stitches using a variety of thread and yarns while creating a sampler for future reference. If time permits students will also create a small wall quilt, showcasing their hand embroidery stitches.     By Machine… Precision Piecing – Stitching at the Speed of Light 6 hours $75.00 + supplies Circles and squares and triangles! Oh my! During this class, students will learn how to select fabrics, to mark and to cut fabrics to prepare them for stitching by machine. Accuracy will be the focus at each step along the way as each student will see just how easy it is to achieve perfect pieced points meticulously matched intersections, and well, circular circles all while making the most of their sewing machine. If time permits, students will complete 2-3 quilt blocks of their choice of patterns.  Artful Appliqué 5 hours $80.00 includes supplies and handout If you thought hand appliqué was a blast, wait until you try machine appliqué. The sky is the limit when it comes to the variety of stitches and techniques available in machine appliqué and it can be done at twice the speed. During this class students will learn how to appliqué fabric pieces to a foundation using the blanket stitch and other embroidery stitches as well as techniques for sewing the perfect satin stitch. Upside down, invisible and reverse appliqué methods will also be explored while each student makes a machine appliqué sampler.  Machine Quilting Made Easy I: The Basics 5 hours $80.00 includes supplies and handout *please note, a walking/even feed foot and a stipple/free motion machine foot are required for this class* Are you a “Topper” or a “Quilter”. Many of us thoroughly enjoy, dare I say, are addicted to the creation of the quilt top (Topper) but our enthusiasm wanes when faced with the actual layering and quilting process. Although I firmly believe that anything bigger than a baby quilt is Roberta’s (my favorite machine quilter) job to do, there is no reason why smaller pieces like pillows, wall quilts, and table runners cannot be beautifully quilted on a domestic machine by you. In this class, students will learn how to select and mark a quilting pattern onto fabric, layer it with batting and backing and quilt using a walking or even feed foot and a free motion or embroidery foot. Each student will stitch up a stack of samples showing in the ditch, echo, outline, channel quilting and patterned and free motion quilting on a variety of battings. If time permits students will have the opportunity to bring in a small piece of their own work needing to be quilted.  Machine Quilting Made Easy II: Beyond Stippling 5 hours $95.00 includes supplies and handout *Please note that MQMEI is a prerequisite for this class* Once you’ve got the basics down (and have had a little practice), you are ready to move beyond basic meandering and stippling and on to free motion machine quilting background fillers and feathers and florals with a flourish. In this class students learn how to mark and free motion quilt a pattern on to a quilt “sandwich” as well as “fill” a background and let their sewing machine foot do the walking. Students will stitch up a small wall quilt or pillow top after some small practice pieces.     Trapunto By Machine 5 hours $95.00 includes supplies and handout Please note that a walking or even freed foot and a free motion foot are required for this class. In this class, students will learn how to give their machine quilted projects that little something extra. Trapunto or “Italian” quilting refers to the method of adding more stuffing to a previously quilted area. Traditionally done after the quilting process is complete, Trapunto by machine is executed before the quilting takes place. New batting and basting products make this once time – consuming craft both fast and surprisingly simple to do. Students will learn how to choose and mark quilting patterns for machine stitched Trapunto and will complete or nearly complete a small project. Project Workshops The following workshops are project specific and will incorporate the use and development of a variety of skills. Skill levels are indicated for each workshop. The time required to complete each project will vary according to each students experience. Unless otherwise stated, most of these workshops will require you to bring a sewing machine in good working order. A walking foot or even feed foot and free motion or stipple foot may also be required.  Woven Placemats ————- Beginner Plus 5 hours $30.00 plus supplies (includes handout) Wow your friends and family with these wonderful woven placemats. Fast and fused and fun and “quilted as you go” without a lick of hand work. No. really. Choose straight and stripey or wild and wavy. Once you get started, it is hard to stop. Placemat pattern can be S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D to make a matching table runner. Instant Gratification Quilts————- Beginner Plus 5 hours $30.00 plus supplies (some pre-class preparation may be required) Just add water and stir – well almost. Choose from three quick pieced quilt patterns and challenge yourself to get a quilt top put together in one day. Ok. So it is a very busy day and you have prep work, but It really can be done. Honest. Log Cabin, Rail Fence, Roman Stripes, and Basket Weave are the fastest and slickest patterns to make this way. For serger owners, it takes even less time to make the quilt top.  Strippy Zippy Shoe Bag————- All Levels 5 hours $60.00 includes supplies and handout The messy weather will soon be upon us, so it is time to stitch up a too cute shoe bag to take everywhere you go. The ingenious “sew and flip” method and top stitched zipper insertion makes this a real quickie project – fast enough for you to make one for yourself and a friend. These are also easy enough to churn out as gifts and the bags are ever so adorable when personalized with embellishments.  Beautiful Book Covers ————- All Levels 5 hours $50.00 includes book to cover and supplies and handout Any book can be beautiful when you give it a custom built cover. Showcase your quilting skills with specialty stitching and exciting embellishments for a one of a kind book jacket. Students can also bring in a book of their own to cover. This is a great time to learn to cover a naked photo album or favorite journal. Easy instructions and quick construction techniques will have you wanting to make more than one.   Upcycled Denims————- All Levels 6 hours $60.00 includes denim Don’t recycle, upcycle your formerly favorite jeans into too cute totes, purses, backpacks and art to wear. In this class, students learn to make the most of their discarded denims by strategic use of seams and closures and by adding a few key fabric, button and bead embellishments. Patterns available in class.  Strip Club Jacket ————- Beginner Plus 10 hours + prep work $60.00 + supplies Bring Your Own Sweatshirt Transform an ordinary sweatshirt into a one of a kind quilted wearable in a few easy steps. This project is jelly roll and fat quarter friendly so raid your stash for a fun and fast fashion staple. A walking foot is required for this class.  A Fine Finish————- All Levels 6 hours $60.00 includes kit Give your quilted beauties the fine finish they deserve. Learn to apply basic bindings quickly and properly. Discover some smart tips and tricks for stopping and starting smoothly and for mastering continuous mitred corners. Take your happing endings to the next level with bias cut continuous binding, flat and stuffed piping and ruched bindings. In addition to taking home a mitt full of binding samples, students can bring in a project of their own and bind it during class to put their skills into practice.  Not Bound By Tradition ————- Beginner Plus 6 hours $60.00 includes kit Once you have mastered basic binding, kick your finishing skills up a notch with a more “arty” approach. Make use of your fancy yarns and threads as well as beads and other trims. Surprisingly simple techniques produce stunning results on everything from wall art to wearables. Students are encouraged to bring in a piece in need of a non-traditional finish. Note: A Fine Finish is the suggested prerequisite for this class.  Labels and Sleeves————- All Levels 6 hours $60.00 includes kit A quilt is not finished until the label is on. The very last step in completing a quilting project is perhaps the most often over looked yet it is a very important one. Labelling your quilt for posterity will be appreciated by future generations. Learn how to make this a fun and painless process. This class gives you hands-on experience creating unique labels for all your quilted masterpieces. This class will also show you how to properly add a hanging sleeve to the back of your quilted beauties. A variety of options will be demonstrated and students are welcome to bring in a piece requiring a label and a sleeve so they can practice what they have learned.  Patterns/instructions available in class. Rhapsody Quilts————- Intermediate 12 hours (4 hours + 5 hours + 3 hours) $180.00 + supplies During the first session of this three class workshop, students will learn how to design and then draft their own patterns for a pieced curved wall quilt or table topper using Ricky Tims’ paper method as well as touching on appropriate fabric selection. Our second class will have students firming up their fabric choices and marking and stitching up one quarter of their design during class time. Students will then learn to design and execute custom created appliqués for their unique piece. The last class in the series covers thread and stitch choices for the appliqués as well as designing and stitching custom quilting designs created specifically for each student’s work.   Mosaic Quilting————- Intermediate 6 hours $60.00 + supplies Love the look of classic mosaic tile work but not the chore of cutting glass and mixing grout? Experiment with mosaic appliqué to achieve the look of marble with the feel of fabric. Let your favorite fabrics form the design and a solid (or solid-ish) ground be your “grout”. Students will have the opportunity to design their own pattern (or chose one of mine) and piece a simple curved background. Fabric “tiles” create drama in the foreground. Clever finishing and embellishing techniques make for show-stopping results.  Curves Sew Simple ————- Intermediate 6 hours $60.00 + supplies In this workshop, students will learn to sew simple and not-so –simple curves using a variety of methods. Each student will build a few beautiful backgrounds each featuring a different stitching method for curved piecing. Curved design elements will then be added to these backgrounds to create unique pieces ready for quilting.  Fabulous Freezer Paper————- All Levels 3 hours $40.00 includes kit. This workshop covers everything you ever wanted to know about using freezer paper in your quilting. I am sure it works well for preserving your frozen food but I don’t think I know anyone except the butcher who uses it in the kitchen. During this hands-on class, students will be making a mitt full of examples of how freezer paper can make your quilting faster, easier and more enjoyable than ever. Freezer paper can save the day in so many ways.  Colour Confidence for Quilters————- All Levels 5 hours $60.00 includes supplies and workbook It doesn’t matter how difficult the pattern may be, many quilters find that choosing the fabrics and making the commitment to them is the hardest part of the entire process. In this workshop, students will learn easy to understand formulas that work every time. You’ll even learn how designers pick fabrics when designing a room. Each student will create a variety of sample fabric combinations to illustrate each fool-proof formula.  Dual Image Applique a la Dilys————- All Levels 6 hours $80.00 includes supplies This workshop will demonstrate how easy it is to get two designs form one pattern—one positive and one negative. Clever fusing and cutting techniques developed by Dilys Fronks, make this project fast, fun and economical. Students will make two quilt blocks which can then be turned into pillow covers or a tote bag. Note: Each student needs to bring craft scissors that are sharp to the point and a sharp craft knife with a new blade. Adventures In Art Quilting Inside every quilter is a fibre artist waiting to get out. Set your inner artist free and encourage creativity with our line-up of fabulous fibre art courses. Each hands-on workshop features key techniques show-cased in either a finished art piece or a reference sampler. Students are encouraged to sample, experiment and to think “outside the block” every step of the way. Any quilter whose skill level is Beginner Plus or more is sure to have a blast in any of the fibre art classes. Unless otherwise stated, the class fee covers all supplies but not “tools” so please contact me for a list of what to bring to class.  Fabric Foundations—Creating Your Own Fabric 6 hours $80.00 includes supplies + handouts This workshop will show students how to create their own cloth using a variety of methods including wet and dry felting, machine felting as well as fusing and “foraging.” Students will also explore fabric manipulation in the form of weaving, tucking, bubbling and wrinkling. The resulting fabrics can be looked upon as lovely and textured backgrounds waiting to receive further surface embellishment or as beautiful works of art in their own right. Each student will make a small sample illustrating each technique which can then be stitched into a finished piece.  Complex Cloth I -------Making Marks On Fabric 6 hours $80.00 includes supplies + handouts.  In this workshop, students will learn how to make their mark on fabric using a whole range of way cool techniques. From stamping and stenciling and using rubbing and texture plates to printing with found objects, discharge dyeing and rusting fabric, students will spend an intensive day creating and experimenting. If time permits, students will make a small wall quilt or a book cover using their new creations.  Complex Cloth II –Irresistible Art Cloth 6 hours $80.00 includes supplies + handouts Mark making on fabric continues using every kind of resist imaginable. From mechanical resists like stickers, elastics, freezer paper and found objects to water soluble resists, wax resists and resists from the kitchen, students will learn such ancient techniques like Japanese shibori, batik printing and sun printing.  The Softer Side of Mark Making I 6 hours $80.00 includes supplies + handouts In this workshop, students learn to leave their mark on art cloth in a kinder gentler way by stitching by hand. The first half of the class will concentrate on learning a variety of hand embroidery stitches using an assortment of threads, yarns and ribbons while in the second half, students will create a small crazy patch stitch sampler. What a lovely way to spend the day.  The Softer Side of Mark Making II 6 hours $80.00 includes supplies + handouts In this age of the do-everything-for you-except-make-dinner sewing/embroidery machine, the pre-programmed stitches built into the sewing machine are often over looked. In this workshop, students will explore the potential of their sewing machine’s utility and decorative stitches while transforming plain or plain-ish fabric into art cloth. Time permitting, students will finish (or nearly finish) a small art quilt featuring their new skill.  Painting with Thread 5 hours $80.00 includes + handouts In this workshop, students will learn to use the needle or their sewing machine like a paint brush with thread as their “paint”. Painting with thread allows the student to learn to stitch anything from small patterns or printed motifs to full on blended landscapes and portraits. The importance of thread, needle and stabilizer choices will be considered while students stitch a small sample piece.    Sketching with Thread 3 hours $50.00 includes supplies + handouts Sketching with thread is similar to painting with thread although the thread coverage is much less dense though no less effective. In this class, students learn to make their drawn, appliquéd or painted motifs on fabric come alive with thread sketched highlights and shadows. After stitching a few practice samples, students will make a small thread sketched wall quilt.  More Mark Making with Your Machine 3 hours $50.00 includes supplies + handouts The sky is the limit when it comes to all the threads, ribbons, yarns, trims and beads available to the art quilter today although the majority of them will not fit through the eye of a machine needle (the thread not the quilter). In this workshop, students will learn innovative ways to use these fancy fibres by couching them to a foundation, winding them in their bobbins and creating free-form thread lace and three dimensional appliqués all by machine. If time permits, students will stitch a small art piece suitable for framing or quilting and binding. Heavy Metal Quilting 6 hours $80.00 includes supplies + handouts Quilt like a rock star while learning how to add metal and other shiny, sparkly and way cool textured features to your quilting repertoire. In this workshop, students will learn to manipulate metal shim, wire, wire mesh and wire lace, to apply foil to fabric and metal and to work with fusible fibres and films to add iridescent shimmer to highlight a design. Each student will create a small art piece showcasing a variety of metallic techniques.  Rock On! Sew Sizzling 6 hours $80.00 includes supplies + handouts.  You’ve always known quilters are “hot stuff.” In this class, you’ll find out why. Each student will experiment with a variety of art quilting techniques using a heat source. From heat bondable fabrics like Angelina and textiva, to the lovely melty effects of tyvek, clear plastic and synthetic fabrics, students will see why, in art quilting, bubbling and melting are not necessarily bad things. If time permits, each student will make a small art piece featuring some of their sizzling hot techniques. Please bring a pair of safety glasses and a mask.  Quilting with Paper 5 hours $80.00 includes supplies + handouts No really. Paper of all kinds can be used in art quilting to amazing effect. Be inspired by this workshop where students learn to blend fabric and paper into unique art pieces. In this hands-on class, each student will experiment with a number of different quilting with paper techniques and then incorporate select portions of their creations into a collaged piece.  Charmed, I’m Sure—Fabulous Fibre Art Beads 6 hours $80.00 includes supplies + handouts Learn how to make custom beads and the funkiest fibre art jewellery using everything but the kitchen sink. In this workshop, students will spend a fun day creating bags full of bodacious beads using fabric, paper, thread, yarn, ribbon, wire, metal, wool etcetera. If time allows, we’ll even create a bracelet with our miniature works of art. Note: Please bring jewellery making tools if you have them.   To Bead or Not to Bead—Is There Really Any Question? 6 hours $80.00 includes supplies + handouts.  In this workshop, students will learn to incorporate beads of all kinds into their quilting and to use beading as a design feature not merely as an afterthought or embellishment. Best of all, there will be no knots showing on the back of the quilt. Each student will stitch a few samples before creating and beading their own unique quilted art piece large enough to cover a notebook or journal.  Inside Out Quilting–The Batting Breaks Free 6 hours $80.00 includes supplies + handouts Batting can be beautiful especially if it is dyed and painted and stitched. In this workshop, students will learn to use cotton batting in new and innovative ways. We’ll dye it, paint it, stitch it, foil it and embellish it like crazy making it too pretty to cover up. After experimenting with some fun bits of batting, students will make a small sampler art piece in which batting is the star.  Freestyle Machine Embroidered Flowers 6 hours $80.00 includes supplies + handouts Grow your own field of flowers in a flash by embroidering them by machine. In this workshop, students will learn to free motion stitch any flower they fancy using just a few basic stitches on their sewing machine. After stitching up a few small practice samples, students will create a lovely little flower garden using their sewing machines and some fancy thread tricks. The finished piece will be suitable for framing or binding as a wall quilt.  Tremendous Trees Sampler 6 hours $80.00 includes supplies Participants in this workshop will learn how to create all kinds of trees using a wide variety of fun fibres, fabrics and other mixed media. Whether their foliage is regal and realistic or fuzzy and funky, each tree will be unique. Students will first create some simple backgrounds and then stitch up all sorts of trees. At the end of the day, each student will take home a whole forest of fibre art trees.  Thread Lace Sculptures 6 hours $80.00 includes supplies + handouts Take your fibre art three dimensional! In this workshop, students will learn how to make thread lace on water soluble foundation and then to shape it into a three dimensional form. Once dried, the lace can then be further embellished with more thread, beads, buttons, wire, yarn……….. Each student will make a piece of lace in class to take home and dry as well as receive an already formed shape to work on during the workshop.  Free Motion Fabric Boxes 6 hours $80.00 includes supplies + handouts Learn how to stitch simple fabric boxes and then embellish them like crazy. Students will learn how to stitch a simple lidded box complete with lining as well as adding hand and machine stitched details. Depending on the level of decoration, each student will have a nearly completed box by the end of the day.  Landscapes and Seascapes—Stitched Scenes from Nature 12 hours (6 + 6) $120.00 + supplies + media fee In this hands-on workshop, students are encouraged to bring in a sketch or photo of their favourite landscape of seascape to be interpreted in fibre and stitch. To allow for drying and curing time, the first half of the workshop, will be spent painting, fusing, collaging and stitching together backgrounds for their land/seascapes. In the second half of the class, students will add detail to their land/seascapes with stitching and other surface embellishments and borders, bindings and other edge treatments will be finalized.  Whole Cloth Painted Quilts—Paint First, Then Quilt 6 hours (3 + 3) $80.00 includes supplies + handouts Whether portraits or landscapes, abstracts or representational, whole cloth painted quilts open up a world of possibilities. In this workshop, students will create their own pattern, transfer it to fabric and then paint the design using a variety of fabric paints and application techniques. Once the paintings have dried, cured and been heat set, participants will layer their little quilts and bring them to life with the quilting process. Note: Students should bring decent quality paint brushes to class. Impressionist  Landscapes in Fabric—Monet Meets Mixed Media 12 hours (6 + 6) $120.00 + supplies If you love Monet’s pointillist paintings and wonder how that method would translate to fibre, then this workshop is for you. Students are encouraged to work from a photo of their favourite landscape or painting or from their imagination as we use tiny pieces of fabrics and fibres on a foundation in much the same way an impressionist painter uses dots of paint on a blank canvass. In this workshop, students will learn how to layer the tiniest shreds of colourful fabrics with netting and other sheers to achieve a painterly effect, to secure the layers with free motion quilting and to add intricate details with free motion machine embroidery. Depending on the size of the piece, each student should be able to take home a finished or nearly finished “quilt painting” at the end of the second day.  Mixed Media Collage—Art in the Fast Lane 6 hours $80.00 includes supplies + handouts In this fibre-art-by-the-seat-of-your-pants workshop, students are encouraged to choose a theme, make a quick sketch and then use a variety of mixed media to create a collage which interprets that theme. The purpose of this workshop is to allow the student the freedom to work intuitively, to not think too much about the “rules” and what they are doing. The goal is not to agonize over making art perfect—but rather just making art. If time permits, students will go home with one or two small art pieces suitable for finishing as a wall quilts or for framing.  Surface Design Smorgasbord 6 hours $80.00 includes supplies + handouts Can’t decide which surface design techniques to delve into? How about trying them all (or at least as many as we can cram into one workshop)? In this class, students will have the opportunity to cruise the entire buffet of textile art techniques from dyeing and painting and printing on fabric to fusing, foiling and felting and everything in between. We will do the wet and messy stuff in the first half of the class to allow for drying time and move on to the less messy fun in the last half.  Our aim is to create a big batch of journal pages each featuring a different fibre art technique which can be stitched into a book later. IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS – THE NITTY GRITTY @ THE STUDIO STORE POLICY: •Class fees are due upon registration by cash or cheque. Fees are generally •not refundable unless I have to cancel a class due to inclement weather or •low enrolment etc. However, I am very flexible here. If you have to miss •one of your scheduled classes, I will try my best to fit you in during another •class so you don’t miss out on any lessons. I reserve the right to postpone •or reschedule a class. •Most classes require you to bring with you a sewing machine in good working •order. If you wish to use one of my machines during a class, you can rent •one for $5.00 per class. Let me know when you register and I will reserve •one for you.  PLEASE COME T0 CLASS PREPARED. Assemble the following basics as they will be required for most workshops:  • Sewing machine, its manual, foot pedal and power cords and accessories.  • Pins, needles for machine and hand sewing.  • Stitch ripper (sharp)  • Craft scissors and fabric scissors.  • Threads to blend or contrast and coordinate with whatever your project requires.  • Measuring tape, acrylic rulers and squares.  • Rotary cutter and self-healing cutting mat, craft knife.  • Fabric markers, pens, pencils, permanent and water/air soluble.  • Pen, pencil and notebook.  • Small paint brush and spray starch.  • Sheet fine grit sandpaper, freezer paper (white).  • Masking tape, clear tape or glue stick and can spray basting.  • Slippers or shoes during messy weather.    ATTENTION ALLERGY SUFFERERS: Our studio is in our home and our furry quilting companions live there too. (We have cats!) They also visit the studio and are more than willing to share their opinions. They are quite good at helping you choose the best fabrics for all your quilting projects.  WORKSHOPS AT THE STUDIO If you are in the Pembroke Area and want to take a class in my studio, Tuesdays and Saturdays are set aside for workshops. Tuesday and Saturday are $30.00 per day or $15.00 for Tuesday evening 7-9:30 pm. A private workshop can be scheduled for yourself and three of your quilting friends outside of regular studio time for a standard fee. Online Classes -Coming Soon.